• Business

    Why start your own small business? Small businesses have never been so important and are seen as the backbone of the British economy. The official figures indicate that there are over 3 million small companies in the UK which employ more than 9 million staff and contribute a quarter of gross domestic product and a substantial amount of tax to the UK exchequer reportedly over £81 billion, this assumes everyone declares their income on time. Read More

  • Strategy

    Strategy is the combination of tactics used in a plan to achieve a goal. Consider when an army attacks an enemy, when co-ordinated conflict happened in a group there was no complex strategy they would simply attack in a pack like animals who don’t communicate. The tactic was simply to out number the target prey and overwhelm them. As people learned from their activities they started to put different tactics together; in preparation for a… Read More

  • Training

    A wasted life? Do you ever feel as if a large part of your life has been wasted? If so, I’m going to try to change your mind. Every now and then I meet someone who tells me about having wasted a large part of his or her life. When this happens, I like to respond with the story of the man who came running to a priest exclaiming, “Father, Father, a terrible sin has been committed!  Read More

  • Why do so many fail to move from start up to business growth? and what you can do about it When you get in first thing in the morning and ask Jack if he completed what you asked for yesterday think about why you are asking. Are you confident that the activities required to run your business are in control or do you constantly need to follow up asking is it done? Read More

  • When defining your goals it is important not to be limited by current circumstances, everything can change if you really want it to, but in order to do so a plan must be put in place. When developing a radical plan changes must be made in such a way that ensures business continuity. When the business process is changing a strategy which loses you all your cash flow while necessitating … Read More

  • Achieving Your Goals If you’re going to get what you want in life, it is only common sense that first you have to know what you want. Even beyond that, it is absolutely essential that you take your desires seriously enough to goal-set to achieve them. I am convinced that the reason most people fail to achieve their goals in life is that they never really set them in the first place. Read More

  • Why is procrastination so much easier than making a decision? When you start out in business its easy you do what you have decided and “hope for the best” the money will come eventually won’t it? Many small business owners who understand their “business” are really working in exactly the same way as they did when they were employed to do the same task.  Read More

  • Procrastination can inhibit the implementation of an excellent strategy because of fear, fear of the unknown. Business owners have many reasons not to start, it could affect cash flow, we don’t have the right staff, we don’t have enough money. Read More

  • Being Responsible
    Just about everyone agrees that it’s a good thing to be responsible, but not everyone agrees about what “responsibility” means. Are you a responsible person? What does it mean to you to be responsible? Does it mean doing what is expected of you? Keeping your promises? Being a good provider? Read More