Why start your owns small business?

Small businesses have never been so important and are seen as the backbone of the British economy. The official figures indicate that there are over 3 million small companies in the UK which employ more than 9 million staff and contribute a quarter of gross domestic product and a substantial amount of tax to the UK exchequer reportedly over £81 billion, this assumes everyone declares their income on time.

Many long standing corporations started small having been a family owned start-up company who have endured for over 500 years. Companies such as RJ Balson and Son established in 1515 who started their butchery business in Bridport, Dorset and are still there, with the business now being run by Richard’s great-great grandson Richard Balson, who still uses recipes handed down through the generations.

Similarly they have been the basis of huge companies such as Porsche, Walmart (now Asda’s parent company) and Samsung. Entrepreneurs often aspire to starting their own company, seeking advice and support from established systems such as the plethora of franchises available globally. These give small start-ups a quick approach to moving from concept to achieving positive cash flow such an important stage in setting up your own business. The limitations of cash often inhibit the progress of those who don’t have someone behind them advising the right steps to take in business development and growth.

Its important to realise that a business needs to be sustainable, standing the test of time and paying the tax on time when its due, an area which is so often overlooked until it is too late. This is why we offer courses, workshops and seminars on line and in person as well as individual business advice to help small businesses take the leap from concept to reality. Contact us now to find out how we can help you make your dreams a reality.

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